Burr Grinder or Blade Grinder

Make your own choice between best burr coffee grinder and blade coffee grinder isn’t that hard, you only have to know differences and what you need, for instance, what kind of brewer you determined to use, blade grinder can be used for automatic drip maker and another famous type, burr grinder, is very fine choice for espresso machines, Turkish or French press.Let us know more details about it.

When you brew coffee through best burr coffee grinder, you know that extraction rate of coffee grounds completely depends on the size of granules. When granules in a particular amount of coffee are even in size, they’ll help extract flavor at a the same rate during the thebrewing process. However, the burr grinder could do better than blade ones when it comes to consistency because of the separation between grinding surfaces. Beans are fed between those and crushed into grind particles that are uniform when one of the burrs rotates whereas the other one is stationary.

On contrary, by chopping beans, the ablade grinder is not able to cut beans into reliably sized grounds or pieces. The result would be comparatively huge pieces mixed with very small pieces. When brewed, bigger granules itwould grossly remain under extracted when smaller granules would add the bitterness of a brew as a result of additional extraction. Besides, the blade also tends to burn coffee grounds because of the high heat that has been produced during grinding process which would add bitterness.

The best burr coffee grinder is relatively bigger than the blade, so assess the counter space when you are planning to make the choice. Usually, a burr coffee could be 14.6 x 9.6 x 7.8 inches when the blade is around 3.5 x 3 x 6.8 inches.If you need to grind spices, the ablade grinder is your sole choice; the burr grinder can’t handle such task.In a word, if you aren’t coffee addiction, need to grind the coffee beans in an easy and fast way, sometimes spices and clean may be done easily, blade grinder can always be your best choice. If you’re a coffee lover and wish to advanced coffee flavor, go for burr coffee grinder.