The truth about bottled water

One thing you should comprehend regarding bottled water companies such as rivierabeverages is that they are businesses. They are in business in order to make money and spend a huge sum of money on advertising to make sure that their bottled water is perceived as an exclusive alternative for drinkable, healthy water.It’s significant to comprehend that tap water is no doubt the safe. Water distribution networks and water treatment plants are heavily regulated and numerous municipalities use that as their least standards, usually going above and/or beyond what’s needed to make sure that clean, safe water is kept flowing from the taps.

From source to a point of entry into the different distribution system, water plants are continually testing and retesting the available water, and adjusting the procession order to make sure the best water quality. The same balances and checks are used in different type of distributions systems by rivierabeverages. Alarms, redundancies, online analyzers and like are in place in order to ensure each and everything is good. And if something goes wrong then the system will shut down and operators will schedule a visit in order to fix that problem right away.

Bottled water doesn’t have the same balances and checks municipal tap water does. Regulations are quite lax, and numerous companies just package tap water. As of the lack of regulations on such type of bottled water, few companies such as rivierabeverages have their own raw water sources don’t treat water to the similar level like municipalities do, increasing risk factor for different health problems. In fact, numerous bottled watersdon’t contain any residual disinfectant, relying only on thedifferent type of bottles seal to prevent regrowth of bacterium. So, it is better to opt for tap water and if not available then try to look for a reliable company which really follows all the rules and regulation imposed by FDA.